Monday, November 20, 2017


Xinshe Sea of Flowers.  The most beautiful place in Taiwan during the autumn season.  Have you been here before? I have written two travelogues about this flower festival in the last two years and I think I did my best in marketing Taichung to my blog readers.   Haha!  The festival this year was still full of flowers but I noticed that something was missing and I was wondering why.  



The field of cosmos was still there but the large tall structures adorned with various flowers were nowhere to be seen.   As far as I know, the Xinshe Sea of Flowers has a theme every year which makes the festivity different each year.  If you check the photos on the internet, you might find a castle.  In 2015, the central figure was a heart-shaped structure wherein entering inside you will be taken inside a kaleidoscope world.  I remember entering that dome with Travel Buddy Kiran and we had lots of fun while looking at ourselves in the mirror.  Last year when I went with Travel Buddy Teklu, there were also pavilions to explore.  

My Travel Buddies for this year's Xinshe Sea of Flowers: Graciella and Adcel.  They were also my houseguests.

It was a good thing that Travel Buddy Adcel and Travel Buddy Graciella enjoyed taking photos with the pink and white blossoms.  It was their first time to visit Taiwan and they might be thinking that this is the best that Xinshe can offer to them.   The whole place was still beautiful only that the flowers had become less compared to last year.

The orange rectangles on the right side represent the field allotted for planting the kaoliang.  In my opinion, this is too much.


Marigold flowers during the 2015 Xinshe Sea of Flowers. 
The marigold flowers this year

Cherry blossoms in November!

One notable difference this year is the vast field of kaoliang or sorghum which is made into wine.  In my past visits, the area near the shuttle bus parking area was a big field of flowers.  This year, the kaoliang replaced the beautiful orange flowers there. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!  The carpet of marigold was no longer a carpet. Sigh! But despite the disappointing changes in Xinshe, the sight of cherry blossoms made my visit interesting.  Sakuras in Taiwan usually blossom in February.  Their early appearance meant that the trees had mistaken the cold weather in Taichung as already in springtime.  



Taichung City might be busy preparing for the 2018 World Flora Exposition and the budget for the festival here in Xinshe had been allotted for that bigger event.  I might be wrong.  Let’s just cross our fingers that the real grandeur of the Xinshe Sea of Flowers would come back in the years to come.

2017 Xinshe Sea of Flowers

Event duration: November 11 to 26

How to get here:

From Taipei:
A.  High Speed Rail
Taipei Main Station -> THSR Taichung Station -> TRA Xinwuri Station -> TRA  Fengyuan Station -> ride shuttle bus to venue

B. TRA train
Taipei Main Station -> TRA Fengyuan Station -> ride shuttle bus to venue

C. Bus
1.  Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation
a.  Board Bus 1826 or Bus 1827 from Taipei Bus Station -> TRA Taichung Station -> TRA Fengyuan Station -> ride shuttle bus to venue
2. Ubus
Board Bus 1617 at Taipei Bus Station -> TRA Fengyuan Station -> ride shuttle bus to venue
* First bus at 6:10, last bus at 22:10
* Bus 1617 departs every hour
Fare as Nov. 22, 2017: NTD 230
3. Fengyuan Bus
Board Bus 6606 at Taipei Bus Station -> TRA Fengyuan Station -> ride shuttle bus to venue
Fare as of Nov. 22, 2017: NTD 321

From Taoyuan International Airport:
Taoyuan Airport MRT -> A18 THSR Taoyuan Station -> THSR Taichung Station -> TRA Xinwuri
Station -> TRA Fengyuan Station -> ride shuttle bus to venue

Estimated travel time from TRA Fengyuan Station to venue: 40 minutes
Shuttle bus to event venue is during weekends only

Xinshe Sea of Flowers Festival (新社花海) [Travel in Taiwan 171119: Blooming Autumn - Taichung]

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Monday, November 13, 2017

The centennial celebration of Yuan Kuang Ch'an Monastery highlighted the 2017 Taoyuan Flower Festival in Zhongli District.

The Weather
Temperature: 21°C
Apparent temperature: 22 °C
Wind (Scale): 2

Event duration: Nov. 4 to Nov. 12 only

After visiting the event in Luzhu District, I continued my journey by boarding again the Taoyuan Airport MRT to A19 Taoyuan Sports Park Station.  From there, I followed the signs that lead me to the event venue in Zhongli District.

Yuan Kuang mascot beside a QR code of the flower festival

Aside from flowers, there were also food stalls making the place a night market in broad daylight.

I'm not sure if these are lavender flowers.

cosmos flowers again

A large musical box structure stands behind this field of cosmos flowers.  The concept in Zhongli District this year was a mixture of cute creatures and artistic representations of things using flowers.

Visitors enjoy taking photos of zinia flowers.

condos and cosmos

I could not get a good photo of this flower because of the wind so I have to hold it just to take its picture. Haha!

condos and zinia flowers

pink zinia

yellow and orange marigold flowers

The Yuan Kuang Ch'an Monastery Buddha.  May it bless more the 2017 Taoyuan Flower Festival!

Travel in Taiwan 171112: Blooming Autumn - Zhongli District

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