Saturday, April 8, 2017

Cherry Blossom Season in Taiwan - 2017 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan 170408: Neicou Stream Trail]

GPS: 25.137646, 121.578926

How to get here: The same directions going to Orange Garden Café. Board either Bus 303 or S19 from MRT Jiantan Station. Visitors must then walk 130 meters from the restaurant to reach the trail where on the slopes of the mountains you can see a sakura forest. The cherry blossom trees are inside a private lot but you can still appreciate the flowers from afar.

Status of flowering: full bloom

From Orange Garden Cafe, I followed the road downhill until it lead me to the Neicou Stream Trail

The stream

The private residence with the sakura forest.  This place was almost a mystery to me on who was the owner and how to get inside.

A better view of view of the sakura forest

The Neicou Stream acts as a natural barrier for those attempting to climb over the fence.

Visitors under the sakura tree

Yoshino sakura!

The gate



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