Monday, March 20, 2017

Cherry Blossom Season in Taiwan - 2017 Sakura Series - [Travel in Taiwan 170320: Lung Yen (龍巖真龍殿) Mobile Tairyō Sakura (大漁櫻) Forest ]

GPS: 25°13'38.6"N 121°31'56.5"E

Type of cherry blossom: Tairyō sakura (大漁櫻)

How to get here: Board the Taipei MRT at alight at Tamsui Station. Go to Exit 2 and transfer to either Bus 860,861,862,863,864,865,866 or 867. Alight at Sanzhi Station (三芝站). Get a taxi and tell the driver to bring you to Lung Yen Life Group (龍巖真龍殿). Tell him also that you want to see yīnghuā aka cherry blossoms (櫻花). Do not forget to get the driver's calling card for your return trip.

Status of flowering. Already past the full bloom and the petals are raining everywhere! A pink variety had been starting to appear and I expect this type of sakura to blossom in two weeks.

The tower of Lung Yen Life Group.  From what I know, it is some sort of cemetery.

The cherry blossoms had already lost most of their petals

I was still lucky to find some trees with a lot of flowers. 

The fallen petals in the road

What a pity! The place could had been more beautiful if the trees did not shed their precious petals.

It is a mobile forest due to the fact that the sakura trees can be moved from one place to another.  Just look at their bases.

The flowers here were of the Tairyō sakura (大漁櫻) type.

They are more white compared to the Tairyō sakuras in Chiang-kai Shek Memorial Hall.

Visitors usually bring their own cars to see this place.  

Luo-Mu Jie and the mobile sakura forest

The tower of the Lung Yen Life Group was really intriguing.  I should feature this building in my blog someday.

The rays of the  setting sun illuminated the whole place.

The base of the sakura trees with fallen petals. 

looks "forested"

Aside from the while cherry blossoms, there were also pink varities and probably at the end of March it will be in full bloom.

The mobile forest of the pink varieties that are yet to blossom.


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