Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival (阿里山櫻花季) - 2017 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan 170403: Alishan Magnolia Garden (阿里山木蘭園)]

Not only the sakura flowers blossom in spring, the magnolias too! 

GPS: 23.518332, 120.812103

How to get here: Board the Alishan shuttle bus going to Shouzhen Temple. Find the staircase leading to the garden and walk approximately 190 meters to see the beautiful magnolias surrounded by sakura trees.

Magnolia Garden

There are two kinds of magnolias in this garden.

The white ones ...

and those with pink petals.

There are many cherry blossom trees in the Magnolia Garden.

These pink sakuras shower Alishan with its beautiful color.

Tokyo cherry

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